Payroll Administration

Payroll administration is the basic function most commonly associated with the services of PEO’s. All of the functions of payroll are offered by American One Source to make your job easier. All reports necessary to your company are available such as billing reports, payroll registers, department billing, certified payrolls and job costing. Any or all of these reports are supplied with each pay period and can be generated at any time according to your needs. Other options available are ACH drafts for payroll, direct deposits and any type of payroll deduction necessary. All local, state and government paperwork is filed as well as all Tax Reporting and compliance. All court ordered garnishments and employment verification are also provided. Time clocks, web based time input and other time collection methods are available as well.

American One Source prides itself on providing a dedicated, one-on-one support and expertise that you need. American One Source oversees everything from taxes, compliance, garnishments, 1099’s, W2’s ACH and Wire setup to take the stress out of paying your staff.

What We Do For You

Direct Deposit
We have up-to-date technology to make everyday tasks easy.
Billing Reports
You or your employee have questions about their pay? We’ll talk through the reports with you.
Tax/Government Compliance
We are knowledgeable about government laws/codes as well as your local state compliance laws.