American One Source, Inc. is a Texas based PEO operating in multiple states offering competitive pricing and loyal customer service.  As a family owned and operated company we strive to earn the right to serve our clients and their employees with the same level of commitment we have to one another.  It is with this dedication we offer a level of personal service while providing supportive and solution based professional services

AOS provides the support to its clients to cost effectively outsource management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation insurance, safety and loss prevention, medical benefits and 401K retirement plan options.  AOS is proud of its safety and loss records and the ability to transfer risk from its clients to the insurance marketplace.  As a result of our services, our clients are able to focus on their business opportunities and receive competitively priced services from AOS.


Spend more time to focus on core activities that actually generate revenue
Spend less time on non-revenue generating aspects of the business
Spread your Workers Compensation risks over a larger labor pool
Spread your unemployment risks over a larger labor pool
Improve management of labor and labor costs
Increase Employee Recruitment and retention
Improve employee training and development
Ensure compliance with Local, State and Federal laws and regulations


Companies are finding it hard to obtain affordable Workers Compensation Insurance
Benefit Premiums continue to rise
Unemployment rates continue to rise
Employees change jobs more frequently
State, Local and Federal compliance continues to grow more complicated
Employee/Employer Lawsuits continue to rise
Business tax liabilities continue to increase and become more and more complicated
Cheryl Reid
Joe Reid
Developed in 1988 a program for employers to opt out of the workers compensation system using insurance in a reimbursement form with Cigna and protection strategies with employee leasing concepts - program maintained over multiple million in premium over a 10 year period.
Combined payrolls in employee leasing contracts exceeded over 1 billion in a 10 year period and still counting.
We have developed benefit strategies that can meet requirements of our client companies with less than 50 employees or more than 50 employees.
Thomas Moody
Treasurer and In-House Counsel
Bar Admission:

State Bar of Texas Admitted May 1990
U.S. District Court of W.D. Texas Admitted June 1991
U.S. Court of Appeals 5th Circuit Admitted Oct. 1991
Superior Court of Guam Admitted Nov. 1994
U.S. District Court of Guam Admitted March 1995
U.S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit Admitted March 1995

Professional Organizations:

American Bar Association Litigation/Real Property Sections
Austin Bar Association
Guam Bar Association
(former member) Lex Mundi Association of Int'l Law Firms
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity
Texas Bar Association

Specialties: Commercial Civil Litigation, Corporate law, and Real Estate