We provide the latest in Web-Based HRIS technology allowing a true hire to retire experience for managers and employees of all levels.

 Our experienced team of HR Professionals keep you in compliance on all levels; Federal, State and Local Municipalities.

 On-Staff Attorney dedicated to navigating employer/employee liability.

 Web-Based HRIS Technology provides both managers and employees self-service portals.

 Latest recruiting technology that flows seamlessly into HRIS Employee Onboarding.

 Performance Management tools integrated within HRIS.

 Ability for assigned managers to manage compensation and manage historical analysis.

 Training and Development facilitated during employee onboarding and ongoing through HRIS.

 Guidance and management of employee relations through communication and application of company programs through HRIS.

 Comprehensive and competitive benefit rates combined with Employee Benefit Onboarding.

 Control to process payroll.

 Integrated and Automated Time and Attendance functionality within HRIS.