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As in any business, purchase power is the key to lower rates and direct savings. American One Source give your organization this purchase power, whether you are big or small.  Your company will participate in a large labor pool, through co-employment, which allows your company to access enterprise-level rates in Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and Health Benefits.

American One Sources works with you to ensure that every aspect of your employee management process is taken care of, so you have more time to focus on what you do best.

Our Services

Payroll Administration

When you work with us, your business will get the dedicated, one-on-one support and expertise you need.  From taxes to compliance, we take the stress out of paying your staff.

Benefits Administration

Scaling your benefits administration with AOS lets your employees take advantage of a huge range of quality, and affordable, benefits packages typically only available to larger corporations.

Risk Management

Employees can be risky business, but, with AOS and our team of experts, you can rest easy.  Worksite Injury and Unemployment Claims are managed thoroughly and aggressively.

Reliable service with over 100 years of collective experience. We’ll take care of your employees’ practical needs, so you can focus on your business.

Why us?

Choose a team that offers reliability, quality, and proven effectiveness

We’ve got your back

We share employee liability with your business, so their safety and care is just as important to us as it is to you.

Certified Experience

We are accredited members of multiple PEO associations, a standard met by only 5% of the industry.

Competitive Pricing

We have a lot of employees. This helps get us the very best rates and products available.

$15 Million Bond

We don’t take any risks because you’re important to us and we’ve got the money to say so.

100 Years Experience

Our team has over 100 years of collective experience in PEOs. We’re knowledgeable and we love to use our knowledge to help our clients thrive.

Great Support

Got questions? We’ve got answers. We have 24/7 support.  We’ll always answer the phone.

You did the work, we’ll do the paperwork

“Pay as you go” Workers Compensation Plan

When a company obtains a “stand alone” workers compensation policy, the premium is based on the estimated annual premium.   Many times this can work to a companies disadvantage.  It can be hard to predict annual payroll, and can create quite the shock at the end of the policy year when the premium audit is performed.

When the premium is set based on the estimated annual premium, it will often be premium financed and a 25% deposit will be required to bind the coverage.  So, right away your company would have to relinquish cash.  Once this deposit is made and coverage is bound, monthly payments are made based on the estimated annual premium.  At the end of the policy year, a premium audit is performed and the actual payroll is compared to what was collected in premiums.  This is where a company can suffer a huge loss in cash if the estimate was off.

Working with American One Source, there are no deposits and no premium audits.  The workers compensation premium is billed to the penny, per pay period.  At the end of the year there are no premium audits and no additional premiums due, giving you peace of mind and greater planning flexibility.

What is Co-Employment?

With a co-employment arrangement, American One Source becomes the administrative employer of record.  The labor pool that is created by co-employment enables small and mid-sized companies to benefit greatly from one single source of outsourcing.  Responsible for payroll, Transactional HR activities, Benefit and Risk Management duties, American One Source works for YOUR business.  The “Co-Employer” status between your company and American One Source is recognized by your state and affords you the ability to reduce the red tape.

See how your business stands.  Get a free, no obligation, risk and labor cost analysis.

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