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Who We Are

American One Source, Inc. ("AOS") is a full service licensed professional employer organization ("PEO") in the state of Texas and is expanding into other jurisdictions at this time.  The owners of AOS have been operating in the PEO industry for last twenty-two years.  We are able to service clients and administer payroll in any location that our clients desire to operate.

AOS provides the support to its clients to cost effectively outsource management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation insurance, safety and loss prevention, medical benefits and 401K retirement plan options.  AOS is proud of its safety and loss records and the ability to transfer risk from its clients to the insurance marketplace.  As a result of our services, our clients are able to focus on their business opportunities and receive competitively priced services from AOS.

AOS services a variety of industries with a focus upon the transportation industry. Currently, one-half of AOS business is long haul trucking consisting of independent contractors of Federal Express. AOS welcomes the opportunity to discuss the cost savings and services available to your business today through the PEO industry.

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